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Keith Valley Middle School Library: Summer Reading

Start your assignments in your school library with these great resources!

Reading Olympics 2021 Book List

Project LIT Books (Middle Grade)

ALSC Summer Reading List for Grades 6-8

The Association for Library Services to Children puts together summer reading lists for students.  

ReadKiddoRead (James Patterson)

This site breaks down book suggestions into categories to help you find a book that's a great fit for you.

I Want Them All!

If you'd like to print all of the lists, click the file here.  The headings will tell you which list is which.

Keep Up Over the Summer

Dear KV Friends,

Many students have asked me to offer great ideas for books to read this summer.  It's hard to know what you're going to enjoy, but I've done my best to put together some exciting options.

No list could ever include everything, so trust your instincts, peek at the covers of books you see other people reading, or just grab an armload of options from the Horsham Township Library, Union Library of Hatboro, Upper Moreland Free Public Library, or wherever you like to go for books in the summer (when they open).  You don't have to finish a book that doesn't feel right, so load up a bag and check them all out!

Until libraries and bookstores are open, be sure to try ebook and audiobook options through KV library or one of the public libraries. (If you need help remembering how to access those books from KV library, let me know.)

I recommend tracking authors when you love a book:  chances are, if you really liked one book by an author, you'll like the others he/she has written.

And, hey, check out that box over there on the right side of the screen!  Did you see that?  You can contact me over the summer, too!  

Whatever you choose to read this summer, have fun with it.  Now's your time to figure out what YOU like!  There are no assignments, so an entire world is open to you!  Dive in!  . . . and make sure to tell your ol' librarian what was amazing, okay?  If you liked a book, another student will, too, and then I can pass along even more ideas!

Keep reading,

Mrs. Quinn

Feel Good Books

The books on this list are technically realistic fiction, but I think they'll also leave you feeling good at the end of the story.

Summertime practically demands that you read at least one feel-good book.


Historical Fiction

Don't be fooled:  these are not boring old books.  These are fictional stories that are set in historical times or places.  

There are more and more exciting historical fiction books these days!  Try one, and you'll see what I mean.

Favorite Genres

Whatever your favorite genre may be, you're bound to find something you'll enjoy in one of these lists.

If not, try one of the "Proud to be Tough" booklists in the right column.  

YA Author/Book Suggestions

When it comes to Young Adult (YA) fiction, I like to follow specific authors.  Here is a list of contemporary YA authors for you to explore.  Print the list and take it to the library with you.  

Grab some books, and sit at a table to read their covers and inside flaps.  There is bound to be at least one author here that will appeal to a more mature reader:  whether you're into romance, dramatic realistic stories, or science fiction and zombies, there are really excellent YA titles available.

Remember that YA means that the book's intended audience consists of readers between the ages of 12 and 18 years, and not every book is the right fit for every reader.  

(Never mind how old I am.  Seriously.  I mean it.)

Keith Valley Middle School Librarian

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Mrs. Lisa Quinn, MSLS
227 Meetinghouse Rd
Horsham, PA 19044

Proud to be Tough

Do you enjoy a a strong character in your books?  If you do, choose from one of these lists for an enjoyable book.

This One's For the Girls

. . . who ask me to help them find "really girly books."  

I didn't forget you!  

Graphic Novels

The graphic novel is a literary format that utilizes art and language to tell a story.

Many classic works are available in graphic novel format, as well as modern adaptations of superhero stories.

The graphic novels here are standalone novels or series.