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Keith Valley Middle School Library: Student Authors

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Writing Books in KV Library

Student Author Collection @ KV Library

KV Library is proud to offer opportunities for student authors to share their work with readers.

Whether you enjoy writing fiction, short stories, poetry, graphic novels, or informative pieces, your work may be included in our collection.

Put your best creative energy into your work, and see Ms. Quinn in the library.  When you are ready to donate a printed copy of your writing, you may submit it for a review process.  Mrs. Quinn will meet with you to discuss the review.  

All accepted student works will be cataloged as part of KV Library's collection.  This means everyone can search for your publication via Destiny.  Everyone in our school will have access to check out your book!


FAQs About Student Author Collection

Q: Can anyone get their book on the Student Author Shelf?

A: Yes. As long as it is approved and Ms. Quinn catalogs it in Destiny, any KV student may have his/her book on the shelf.

Q: What happens if the book isn't approved?

A: Ms. Quinn will meet with you to discuss any concerns.  You will have the opportunity to make changes to your work, if you want to, and resubmit it for approval.  You own your work, so the decision to make changes is yours.  KV has to make the decision about what is appropriate to share among student publications.

Q: Will I get the book back?

A: No. You are donating a copy of your book to the KV Library.  You should always keep your original work.

Q: Do I have to use my real name?

A: No. Many famous authors use "pseudonyms."  You do need to submit your real name with the book for approval, so that Ms. Quinn can meet with you, but you can provide a pen name on the book itself.

Q: Am I allowed to write and illustrate a comic book?

A: Yes.  All student writing is encouraged and welcomed.

Q: Do I have to have perfect spelling and everything?

A: You have to do your best work.  You may want to ask a friend, parent, or teacher to help you proofread and edit your work.  

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