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Keith Valley Middle School Library: Makerspace

Start your assignments in your school library with these great resources!

KV Library's 4-C-Able Makerspace



The KV Library has been awarded a continued Innovative Learning Grant!

KV Library 4-C-Able Makerspace has transformed the Keith Valley Library into a more vibrant and flexible learning environment. Students create and design utilizing a LEGO design wall, K’Nex engineering, LittleBits circuitry, textile-based designing and sewing, EV3 coding, Glowforge laser cutting, and both 3D and vinyl designing and printing/cutting.


LittleBits STEAM Kit

LittleBits Coding Kit


Tinkercad (3D Printer Design)


Makerspace Rules

What does 4-C-Able mean?

The "4 Cs" are the skills that you will need to be most successful in life, and they are the skills that we emphasize in your learning opportunities.

They are creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Each station in the KV Library's makerspace has been carefully designed to promote your growth in each of these areas.

To get the most out of the 4-C-Able Makerspace, try the Passport of Making program!  It gives you the chance to grow in many ways, and you can become a Master-Level Maker!

Master-Level Makers

Become a Master-Level Maker!


Get your very own Passport of Making in the KV Library!

What is it?

It's a booklet that you use as a guide to completing different skills at each of the stations.

Once you collect stamps for each skill at each station, you will be a Master-Level Maker!

How do I get one and use it?

Complete a Maker Agreement and attend the orientation sessions first.  Once you know how the stations work, you'll know if you want to become a Master-Level Maker. If you do, ask Ms. Quinn or Mrs. Salters for your own passport.  They will keep it for you in the library, but you will need to take it (and return it!) to the passport box when you use the makerspace.

Why do it?

It's fun, and it's a way to add an extra level of challenge to using the library's makerspace.