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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Genocidal Acts of the 20th and 21st Centuries

The Details

You will be assigned one of a series of genocidal acts that occurred within the past 120 years.  You will research it to provide some basic information to the class in an informal roundtable style presentation.



  • A description of the fundamental details of the case. 
    Who, what, when, where, why, and how…
  • How the international community reacted and what factors influenced their actions (or inaction, as the case may be)
  • A visual aid (8x11 word, ppt, or some other electronic file) that includes a small map and at least one other image to support your verbal presentation
  • Your presentation should last 2 – 4 minutes

Project Topics

  1. 1904-7 Hereros of SW Africa killed by German government
  2. 1914-20 Assyrians of Turkey/Persia killed by Ottoman Empire
  3. 1914-1923 Pontian Greeks killed by Ottoman Empire
  4. 1915-1922 Armenians killed by Ottoman Empire
  5. 1918-21 Ukrainian Jews killed via pogroms by Russian Empire
  6. 1923-32 Cyrenaicans of Libya killed by Italian government
  7. 1932-33 Kazakh Russians killed via famine by Stalinist Russian government
  8. 1936-9 Russian political dissenters killed by USSR
  9. 1950-9 Tibetan Buddhists killed by Chinese government
  10. 1965-6 Indonesian Communists killed by government
  11. 1965-72 Hutus of Burundi killed by Tutsi-dominated army
  12. 1965-96 Guatemalan Indians killed by government troops
  13. 1967-70 Igbo of North Nigeria killed by government troops
  14. 1971 Bengalis of E. Pakistan (now Bangladesh) killed by government
  15. 1972 Ache Indians of Paraguay killed by government
  16. 1975-9 Cambodians killed by Khmer Rouge government
  17. 1995-2000 Citizens of East Timor killed by Indonesian troops
  18. 1980-present Baha’i of Iran killed by government
  19. 1986-2003 Kurds of Iraq killed by government
  20. 1992-8 Muslims of Bosnia killed by Bosnian Croats and Serbs
  21. 1994 Tutsis of Rwanda killed by Rwandan Hutus
  22. 1995-2009 Tamils of Sri Lanka killed by government
  23. 1998 Albanians of Kosovo killed by Serbs in Kosovo
  24. 1980s-present Sudanese in the Nuba Mountains killed by government and militia
  25. 2002-3 Bambuti pygmies killed by rebel forces in the Democratic Rep of Congo
  26. 2003-5 Sudanese of Darfur killed by government and militia
  27. 2014 Islamic State Targeting Iraqi Minorities in Ninewa
  28. 2020 Rohingya Slaughter in Myanmar

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