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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Change Agents of Latin America


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Change Agents of Latin America

Project Details

So often we focus our attention on the problems of the world, and we hardly take the time recognize the positive influence an individual has in their community or region….here is our chance to learn about and share some good!

For this assignment, you will pick an individual from Latin America who has worked to be a change agent (see list).


Your Task

  1. Using the curated resources, take a deep dive into the life of your chosen agent of change.
  2. Utilize the 5 W’s, H and so what question stems to guide your research and take notes
  3. Take what you learned to create the following
    1. Movie Poster (Adobe Spark)
    2. Plot to a movie about your agent of change (genre, actors, setting, storyline)


Using the Library Resources

Start on the left with CultureGrams. Here you will read brief biographies about famous people from your selected country.

Once you select your person...

Finish on the right with Biography in Context. Take a deeper look at research articles, photos, and magazine articles to take notes on your selected change agent.

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