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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Progressive Era Essay & Flipgrid

Password Sheet

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The Progressive Era!


Your Task!

Place yourself in the shoes of a reformer from the Progressive Era.

PART 1: Research and write a biography about them. Write in first person.


PART 2: Share your story with classmates using Flipgrid.

Watch your classmate's and see who else you're compatible with!

Do the Research!

Look at primary and secondary sources.  Use keywords and take notes.

Use at least two internet sources.

Time to Write!

Using your research, write a three paragraph essay in first person.

Follow the class handout for how to set up your essay.


Give Credit!

Cite all of the sources you use (minimum of TWO).

Use a creditable website like which is easy and free to use!



Record Yourself!

Using Flipgrid, record yourself in character. Make sure your video is 1-2 minutes in length.

Highlight what wonderful things you have done as reformer-- try to impress your classmates!


Dress the Part!

Dressing up and using props is encouraged. 



Watch and Learn!

Tune into TEN of your classmate's videos.

Pick ONE who you believe is your reformer's best match.

Citing with:

Manage your bibliography using "MyBib" - Referencing - LibGuides at  Melbourne High School

Click the icon above to get started citing your resources!

Biography in Context


Flipgrid Access

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