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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Visiting the Library During HATS

How to Sign Up!

So you want to come to the library during HATS? Make sure you sign up & use the portal!

Click the link below to sign into PowerSchool:

**NOTE: Make sure to use YOUR log in, not your parents. 

Next, click the HH HATS icon on the left side.

Library HATS Policies & Procedures

In order for HATS to run smoothly, the library has policies and procedures in place that must be followed. 

Students MUST use the portal to use the library during HATS, including their lunch period.

To account for attendance, students must sign in at the HATS table for all periods they signed up for. 

When leaving the library, students must sign out at the front desk and take a red pass.

HATS is an academic focused period.  Please keep voices at a respectful level.

Please throw away trash and wipe down your table.

Using a red try from the cafeteria? Please take it back down to the cafeteria.

HATS Discipline: Tiered Warnings

The library is a super busy place during HATS.

It's important that we maintain an environment that encourages students to work independently and collaboratively.

In an effort to minimize noise level, the library staff has established a tiered warning system, which is outlined below:

Step 1: Student is warned to lower volume.

Step 2: Student is removed from the library and sent back to their HATS period.  HATS teacher is contacted.

***If the same student has to be reminded again about their noise level or behavior, the library staff has the right to deny the student in the HATS portal, revoking HATS library privileges.

The Red Tray Policy

The rumors are true!

Lunch privilege will be taken away for the entire duration of the week if a red lunch tray is left in the library.

It is your responsibility to clean up after yourself and leave the library the way you found it.

Besides, a throw away option is available in the cafeteria--plan ahead!