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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Mental Health Awareness Exhibit

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Project Requirements


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Your group will become expert presenters to educate your peers in a clear, concise, and organized way using the goals of psychology to direct your research. 


Divide the goals of psychology amongst at least one of the exhibit or discussion components:

(Describe) Identify the diagnostic classification and characteristics of the disorder.

  • What are the “typical behaviors” that people with this disorder usually exhibit?

(Explain)  Discuss the possible origins of this disorder. 

  • Many causes are unclear, but you need to present current theories of how these conditions begin, develop, and continue.

(Predict)  What are the likely consequences for having this disorder?  What short-term and long term effects will this have on a person’s life if left untreated?  

  • Address the social consequences, concerns & sanctions.  What are the choices for avoidance, prevention, or intervention?

(Control) Present the effective treatments which doctors, psychologists & therapists may use to help a person with this disorder.  Be specific in how the treatments effect the body, brain, and behavior. 

  • Elaborate on specific pharmaceutical, counseling, or surgery techniques/treatments
  • You must have a working knowledge/command of the treatments you present.


Salem Press: Health

Gale Virtual Reference Library

The Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders

The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health