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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Biotechnology Careers

eBooks: Gale Virtual Reference Library


In Philadelphia alone, there are over 100 biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies!

It is your goal to put together a career project/presentation about the biotechnology field of your choice based off of your interests.

For this project, you will: 

1. Do the research! (on the industry)

Research a biotechnology industry in our area.

Include THREE companies & a discussion on the research and products. 

2. Do the research! (on a career)

Include required skills and qualifications, expected job duties, working conditions, salary and career outlook. 

3. Create! (a PowerPoint or Prezzi)

Company Slides

1. Category of Company

2. Products Made

3. Career Opportunities Available

4. Major Funding?

5. Interesting Information


Career Slides

1. Title and Description (why does it interest you?)

2. Career Outlook

3. Working Conditions and Context

4. Salary Information

5. Educational Requirements

6. Related Careers