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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: American Artifacts: the Smithsonian's 101 Objects

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Answer TWO of the following questions:

What does the artifact tell us about the human condition at the time it was used?  Does it soeak to one particular hope, fear, concern, aspiration, dream or any other aspect of the human psyche? 


How is the object nostalgic/meaningful/iconic for you personally?


Discuss how this object has lost its meaning to this generation.  What has replaced the need it fulfilled?

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Essays from Smithsonian's 101 Objects that Made America

The following topics have chapters in the book:

Essays from Smithsonian's 101 Objects that Made America


Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat: page 49-50

AIDS Quilt: page 70-71

American Buffalo: page 13

The Birmingham Church Bombing: page 97-98

The Burgess Shale: page 30-31

Cesar Chavez: page 41

The Clovis Point: page 58-59

The ENIAC Computer: page 62-64

George Catlin Paintings: page 22.

Giant Pandas: page 92-93

James Audubon: page 18-19

John Deere: page 72 & 114

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor: page 44-45

Walt Whitman: page 35

The Predator Drone: page 54-56

The Negro League Baseball: page 74-76

Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit: page 25

"The Pill": page 103

Pocahontas: page 91 & 116

Richard Petty Stock Car: page 84-85

The Singer Sewing Machine: page 60

The Spirit of St. Louis': page 97-98

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