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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Library Fine Policy

Checkout & Renewals

Books may be checked out for two weeks and can be renewed twice if they are not yet overdue. 

Reference books can not be checked out however you are more than welcome to make a photocopy at the new printer for free.

Materials can be renewed in the library only.  If materials are overdue, we need the book physically here to make changes to the due date.  Once materials are brought back and are overdue, the fine stops generating.  Your account will be billed and a fine notice will be sent to you in homeroom (grade 10-12) or English class (grade 9).

Fines for Late Materials

Library materials, both fiction and nonfiction, are 10 cents each day for every day they are late.

Once the materials are returned, the fines stop generating. 

Students will no longer recieve a notice regarding the overdue book, but the fine obligation instead.

Senior Fine Policy: Graduation

Seniors must pay all obligations owed to Hatboro-Horsham High School, included library fines, prior to graduation.

If a student fails to pay any obligation, they will not walk in the graduation ceremony.

Tiered Library Fine Policy

To manage materials and fines, the library staff has developed a tiered system.  Students will move throughout the tier each week if they do not return their materials or pay their fines.  If a student takes care of their obligation, they no longer follow the tiered policy.


Tier 1, Paper Notice: Paper notices are printed out and put in teacher mailboxes Monday afternoon. 

Tier 2, Paper Notice: Second round of paper notices are distributed to students.

Tier 3, Paper Notice: Third round of paper notices are distributed to students.

Tier 4, Meeting with the Student: The librarian will request the student to come in during HATS to figure out why the materials or fines were not yet paid.  Freshman are called down during 3B and grades 10-12 are called down during 3C.

*It is the responsibility of the student to check their email to see if they must report anywhere during HATS, including the library.

Tier 5, Contact a Parent or Guardian: A parent or guardian is contacted via email to inform them about the overdue materials or fines.

Tier 6, House Principal is Notified: If the student still has not brought back their materials, students will be written up by the librarian and will have to have a meeting with the house principal.

Each tier is a week long.  The whole process is a duration of six total weeks.