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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Concentration Camp Infographic


It will be your task to research and create an infographic that represents a specific concentration camp from the Holocaust. 

For this assignment, you will represent specific details and factual information about the concentration camp you research. 

  • Accurately represent key historical details. (see list below)
  • Be visually engaging (while remaining appropriate to the content being expressed)
  • Be free of grammar and spelling errors
  • Use your own wording and insights
  • Include citations for information that you accessed either through databases or internet sites. (Minimum 3 sources)

Possible Topics

  • Buchenwald
  • Dachau
  • Mauthausen
  • Theresienstadt
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Treblinka
  • Sobibor
  • Chelmno
  • Majdanek
  • Belzek
  • Terezin
  • Ravensbruck

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