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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Psychological Disorders Infographic



Objective: Create an Infographic for your Psychological Disorder


Make sure your infographic is TWO pages.

You will need to use a minimum of 4 resources (databases, books, internet sources)

Use the 4 Goals of Psychology to guide your research




Make sure to cite your sources!

The Four Goals of Psychology:


  • Use the DSM V to identify the diagnostic classification
  • Include Symptons or Characteristics of the disorder


  • Causes/Origins of the Disorder
  • Theories


  • What are the likely consequences for having this disorder if left untreated?
  • Short-term Effects? Long-term Effects?
  • What are the choices for avoidance, prevention or intervention?


  • Present the effective treatments which doctors, psychologists and therapists may use tp help a person with this disorder?
  • Where can you go for help?

Designing & Creating an Infographic:

ProQuest: Health