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Hatboro-Horsham High School Library: Letter from a Trench



Letter from a Trench

Setting the Scene

Demonstrate your understanding of WWI and trench warfare by imagining yourself as a soldier fighting in WWI. 

You have just received orders you will be "going over the top" and attacking the enemy trench the following morning.


Your Assignment

Write a letter to a loved one explaining what you have experienced in the Great War. 

Your letter should be approximately three pages long, be hand-written, and sincere. 



Required Components

Authenticity: The letter should sound authentic and believable as if it were written in 1914-1918 by a solider at war.

Accuracy: Identify, explain, and synthesize a specific battle you are fighting in.  Make sure you research the battle!

Explanatory: Explain in your letter WHY he joined the war and what he is fighting for.

Geography: Include a hand-drawn, clear map of where you are located and who you are fighting with and against.

Technlogy: Describe the type of equipment you have on you as you brace yourself for battle.

Primary Source Evidence: You must use information from the readings and write descriptively about life in the trenches.


Library eBooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library):