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Keith Valley Middle School Library: KV Library

Start your assignments in your school library with these great resources!

Contests, Guests, & All Things FUN!

The KV Library is a busy place, and there are special events all year long that are meant for you!

Pay attention to KVTV, and the library's twitter to stay on top of these opportunities.

You can look forward to things like . . .

  • Celebrity/Mystery Readers
  • Contests
  • Book & Book-to-Movie Release Celebrations
  • Crafts & Special Activities
  • Interactive Displays & Presentations

Some events have space limitations, so be sure to sign up early, and bring your friends! 

(And, rumor has it that Mrs. Quinn usually provides snacks for the special occasions!)


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To view our full collection of audiobooks, click here.

Our library offers popular books for our English Language Learners.  

Click the link to view the list of titles currently available.  

It is a growing collection, so be sure to check back regularly.


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KV Library Staff

Mrs. Quinn is the KV librarian. 


How will she help me?

   Mrs. Quinn selects the books and online resources for you and the other students at KV.  She teaches the research classes and gives booktalks (tells about the new books).  If you need help with an assignment or a project, talk to Mrs. Quinn:  she can schedule time in the morning, during lunch, or after school to help you.

   If there is a great book that you know about, or you have an idea about something fun to do in the library, you should tell Mrs. Quinn (she's the one who plans all the contests and events, and buys the books for everyone to read).

Mrs. Daley is the library assistant. 


How will she help me?

   Mrs. Daley will check your books out to you and help you find books in the library.  You can ask her to place holds on books you'd like to read, too.  Mrs. Daley will help you with questions you may have about using the library.  She is very knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions.