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Simmons Elementary LibGuide: Garden Research

Essential Questions

How would you design a garden here at Simmons?

What would a garden look like here at Simmons?

Suggested Titles for Research

From Seed to Plant (Gibbons)   581.3 GIB

Plant (Burnie)  581 BUR

Plant Life (Greenaway)   580 GRE

Spring Planting (Kohn)   394.2 KOH

What is a Plant? (Kalman)   580 KAL

First Garden: the White House Garden and How it Grew (Gourley)   712 GOU

Better Homes & Gardens New Jr Garden Book (Rushing)   635.9 NEW

More Than Just a Flower Garden (Kuhn)   635.9 KUH

Your First Garden Book (Brown)   635 BRO

Plants We Eat (Selsam)   635 SEL

Plants We Know (Miner)   581 MIN

Plants With Seeds (Pascoe)   580 PAS

Plants Without Seeds (Challand)   586 CHA 

Growing New Plants (Johnson)   631.5 JOH

World of Plants (World Book)  580 WOR

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