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Blair Mill Library: Grade 3

Library Welcome Page

Third Grade in the Library

     Third grade is another exciting year in the Blair Mill Library!  The boys and girls in third grade learn about the Dewey Decimal System in further detail during library classes.  They also learn about the research process through projects that connect with the science and social studies curriculum in third grade.  They continue to practice search skills through the use of the library catalog (OPAC) and library center activities.  Please take a look at the third grade library curriculum outlined in further detail below.

Literature Skills

Students will:


·      Recognize different types of genre.

·      Identify key components of various forms of biographical writing.

·      Select suitable biography to read independently.


Research & Information Literacy Skills

Students will:


·      Demonstrate an understanding of the ten main classes of the Dewey Decimal System utilizing this knowledge to locate materials including fiction, nonfiction and other materials.

·      Locate materials using search strategies in OPAC-Destiny.

·      Explain the arrangement of books in different sections of the library.

·      Differentiate between fact and fiction and opinion.

·      Utilize introductory research skills.

·      Demonstrate understanding of parts of a book: cover, spine, title page, author, illustrator, call numbers, publisher, place of publication, copyright date, dedication page, table of contents, index, and glossary.

Subject Guide