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Crooked Billet Elementary: Kindergarten

Recommended books for Kindergarten

Kindergarten in the Library

Students in kindergarten learn library procedures and book care in the beginning of the year.  They also are exposed to the works of popular authors and illustrators, parts of a book and the joy of reading.

Literature Skills

Students will:

  •  Develop skills for listening to stories.
  •  Participate in storytelling activities.
  •  Make predictions about books, authors, and illustrations.
  •  Determine if a story is real or make believe.
  •  Respond to different genres of literature.
  •  Recognize the Caldecott Medal Award on a book.
  •  Understand the difference between author and illustrator.
  •  Identify a variety of different storybook characters.
  •  Develop an initial knowledge base of a variety of authors.
  •  Participate in an author study.

Research & Information Literacy Skills

Students will:

  • Identify parts of a book: cover, spine, title page, author, illustrator, and call numbers.
  • Define the vocabulary including fiction, nonfiction, author, illustrator, and call letters.
  • Demonstrate responsibility and care of library materials.
  • Identify librarian and staff.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the consequences of overdue and lost materials.
  • Select books based on their interests and curriculum needs.
  • Identify differences between a school library and a public library.