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Hallowell Elementary School Library: Grade 4


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Fourth Grade in the Library

Fourth grade learn about the research process in library classes through projects that connect with the social studies and science curriculums.  Students will learn how to identify keywords, navigate online encyclopedias and databases, and cite resources.  Students also learn about poetry in connection with various areas of the fourth grade curriculum.

Literature Skills

Students will:

  • Expand recognition and identification of different genres of literature. 
  • Listen to and read poetry.
  • Identify elements of poetry.
  • Select appropriate books of poetry based on personal interests and curriculum needs.
  • Increase their knowledge base of a variety of authors.

Research & Information Literacy Skills

Students will:

  • Demonstrate ability to use print and on-line sources for research.     
  • Use keyword and series search skills.                           
  • Demonstrate understanding of cyber safety in research
  • Demonstrate ability to follow AUP
  • Cite sources used in research.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the research process.
  • Demonstrate initial understanding of copyright and plagiarism.
  • Locate and use materials in reference section and on-line reference folder.
  • Use encyclopedias and on-line resources emphasizing use of sub topics, keywords, guidewords, and indices.