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Simmons Elementary LibGuide: Space

Your space mission

Your Space explore strange new worlds, to seek out new information, to boldly go where no other 4th grader has gone before!


In-Space rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" by Commander Chris Hadfield

Canadian Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield - International Space Station

Hadfield, Chris. Astronaut Chris Hadfield Brings Lessons From Space Down To Earth.  National Public Radio, Oct. 30, 2013. Jan. 4, 2014


Great Space Books!

Here are some great books that can be found in our Simmons Library on the subject of Space.

Destiny OPAC

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Power Library - Sirs Discoverer

Don't forget to check Power Library for additional information. 

If in school........

1.  Open the Reference Folder

2.  Double Click the Power Library link

3.  Click on the drop arrow next to Children's Resources

4.  Click on SIRS Discoverer

5.  Type in the term you researching in the search box

6.  Choose and then read an article

If you are working from home, you will need to go on the Horsham Library website.  To access Power Library, you will need your public library card number.  Once you are on the site, follow the directions at #2 listed above.

Use your notes template to take notes as you read.  Ask your teacher or librarian if you need help.

Happy Researching!

Research Model

Checklist for Research Model

1.    DEFINE…..Task definition……What is the task? What is the question I am asking? What types of information do I need?

2.    INFO-SEEK…Information seeking strategies…..What are the possible resources?  Which are the best?

3.    GET………Locate and access information…..Where is each source? Where is the information in the source?

4.    USE…….Use of information……What information in each source is useful?

5.    PRODUCE…….Synthesis…..How can I organize this information?  How will I present this information?

6.    THE PRODUCT…..Evaluation…….Is the task complete?  Did I answer my question?  How could I do things better next time?

Developed by Barbara A. Jansen, 2004. Big6 copyright Berkowitz and Eisenberg, 1990.



Book Citation Tutorial Video

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a citation for a book when you are using the book to write the citation.

Create a Citation List

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a citation list on the OPAC.

Resource Evaluation

World Book

World Book Web


If you are at home you must log on...please see a librarian for the login information.


Don't forget to create a citation for each resource that you use. You can click on any of the forms below and print one out for your use.  You can also print out the Note Taking Template to help with note taking.