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Pennypack Library: Grade 2

Second Grade in the Library

     The students in second grade continue to develop the skill of locating books by call number.  They are also able to complete basic searches on the library catalog (OPAC).  Our examination of literature in second grade involves learning about the Caldecott Award and Pennsylvania Young Readers' Choice Award.  The boys and girls in second grade enjoy reading many award winning and nominated titles in library classes. Please take a look at the second grade library curriculum outlined in further detail below.

Literature Skills

Students will:

·         Develop further skills for listening to stories.

·         Read and respond to different genres of literature.

·         Listen and respond to PA Choice nominated titles literature.

·         Compare and contrast authors and illustrators.

·         Expand knowledge base of a variety of authors.

·         Define the meaning of a book receiving the Caldecott Medal Award.






Research & Information Literacy Skills

Students will:

·         Use alphabetical order and call number to locate materials.

·         Introduce search skills to research selected topics.

·         Demonstrate proper care and handling of materials.

·         Introduce OPAC Destiny (Library Catalog).

·         Practice independently procedures for circulating materials.

·         Explain the arrangement of books in the easy-fiction and fiction sections.

·         Identify parts of a book: dedication page, table of contents, glossary, and index.