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Pennypack Library: Grade 1

First Grade in the Library

     The students in first grade continue to learn about library procedures, book care, and the parts of a book during library classes.  They also begin to explore different genres and  call number components.  The first grade students enjoy comparing and contrasting fiction and nonfiction books during library classes.  This helps them to begin to gain a better understanding about call numbers, and how to locate books by call number.  Please take a look at the first grade library curriculum outlined in further detail below. 

Literature Skills

Students will:

·         Expand skills for listening to stories.

·         Respond to different genres of literature.

·         Listen and respond to nominated PA Choice titles.

·         Develop an increased knowledge base of a variety of authors and illustrators.





Research & Information Literacy Skills

Students will:

·         Demonstrate an initial understanding of the organization of a library.

·         Identify parts of a book: bar code, publisher, copyright, and place of publication.

·         Explain proper care and handling of materials.

·         Exhibit knowledge of circulation procedures.

·         Demonstrate an increased library vocabulary.

·         Locate and select books for independent reading.

·         Explain the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

·         Practice appropriate library manners – listening, speaking, sitting, walking, and respecting others.