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Pennypack Library: Kindergarten

Literature Skills

Students will:


·         Develop skills for listening to stories.

·         Participate in storytelling activities.

·         Make predictions about books, authors, and illustrations.

·         Determine if a story is real or make believe.

·         Respond to different genres of literature.

·         Recognize the Caldecott Medal Award on a book.

·         Understand the difference between author and illustrator.

·         Identify a variety of different storybook characters.

·         Develop an initial knowledge base of a variety of authors.

·         Participate in an author study.

Research & Information Literacy Skills

Students will:


·         Identify parts of a book: cover, spine, title page, author, illustrator, and call numbers.

·         Define the vocabulary including fiction, nonfiction, author, illustrator, and call letters.

·       Demonstrate responsibility and care of library materials.

·       Identify librarian and staff.

·       Demonstrate understanding of the consequences of overdue and lost materials.

·       Select books based on their interests and curriculum needs.

·       Identify differences between a school library and a public library.