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Crooked Billet/Hallowell Learning Center: PA Young Reader's Choice Award Information


PA Young Reader's Choice

Winners 2018

PA Choice Nominees 2019


2019 Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Nominees

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

Grades K-3
Andros, Camille  Charlotte the Scientist is Squished!    
Clanton, Ben  Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea   
Derby, Sally              A New School Year, Stories in Six Voices 
John, Jory The Bad Seed  
Kirk, Daniel Rhino in the House: The Story of Saving Samia    
LaReau, Kara The Infamous Ratsos   
MacLachlan, Patricia Barkus
Miller, Tim Moo Moo in a Tutu
Olien, Jessica The Blobfish Book
Schlitz, Laura Amy Princess Cora and the Crocodile
Stewart, Melissa Can an Aardvark Bark?
Twohy, Mike Mouse and Hippo
Will Wissinger, Tamera    Gone Camping: a novel in verse
Williams, Lily If Sharks Disappeared
Yolen, Jane Thunder Underground
Grades 4-5
Applegate, Katherine Wishtree   
Baptiste, Tracey  The Jumbies
Brown, Peter The Wild Robot
Clements, Andrew The Losers Club
Eszterhas, Suzi Moto and Me: My Year as a Wildcat's Foster Mom
Hale, Shannon Real Friends
Hapka, Catherine Snowman: The True Story of a Champion
Kelly, Jacqueline and Jennifer L. Meyer Skunked!
King, Amy Sarig Me and Marvin Gardens
Lysiak, Hilde with Matthew Lysiak Hero Dog! (Hilde cracks the Case #1)
McGovern, Cammie Chester and Gus
O'Connor, Barbara Wish
Roy, Katherine How to be an Elephant 
Scattergood, Augusta Making Friends with Billy Wong
Williams-Garcia, Rita Clayton Byrd Goes Underground